TRANSMANGO at WPHNA Conference 2014 in Oxford

In the era of uncertainty, one of the biggest challenge is to ensure everybody has access to enough of the right food, that is healthy for them and the planet today and into the future. Therefore, the World Public Health Nutrition Association organised a ground-breaking Food Policy Conference on Building Healthy Global Food Systems: A New Imperative for Public Health, of which goals were to:

  • review the status of diet-related ill health,
  • determine the impact that existing global food systems have on health,
  • and then explore policies that could effectively promote health and well-being and support global food systems which are environmentally, culturally and socially sustainable.

As TRANSMANGO wants to be part of this concentrated effort from many different groups to make our food system work best for the population, and particularly those that are living in poverty and food insecurity, we could not miss participation in this meeting. In September 2014 in Oxford representatives of TRANSMANGO presented posters, attended inspiring presentations given by the best academics, policymakers, politicians, activists from all over the world as well as contributed to the expert panel discussions about healthy food systems. More information about the Conference, abstracts of the presented posters and well as given presentations can be accessed here.


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