The TRANSMANGO – SCIENCES PO Capstone team is a group of public affairs graduate students with diverse professional background from around the world. They are interested in analyzing and understanding the factors that contribute to the successful design and implementation of policies.


The capstone project aims to analyze the links between futures exercises and policy as regards to Food and Nutrition Security [FNS] in Europe. Through case study analysis, it will provide the tools needed by experts and policy-makers to bridge the gap between information and policy to secure access to food for all Europeans, now and in the future.

As part of TRANSMANGO’s Work Package 3.1, the capstone team created a database of national and European level FNS futures exercises in the 10 EU TRANSMANGO partner countries. This included designing a structure for classification.

Currently, they are conducting in-depth analyses in Finland and Ireland, examining two parallel processes: ‘scenario up’ and ‘policy down.’ Scenario up assesses the impacts of specific futures exercises, while policy down looks at a national FNS policy in each country and traces back from its passage to find potential influences of futures methods.

Master of Public Affairs Candidates 2015 at Sciences Po Paris
Andrea ARTEAGA, Peru
Mmachukwu OYEKA, Nigeria
Dimas RAMADHANI, Indonesia
Pamela TORRES, Ecuador

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