the Transmango Game Jam Tour

Designing games to explore the future of food in Europe – the Transmango Game Jam Tour

How can we ensure food and nutrition security for everyone while making sure our food needs don’t wreck the planet?  This question, one of the biggest of our time, was the key question of the EU-funded TRANSMANGO project.

Between February 2014 and January 2018 TRANSMANGO researchers delved deep into a wide range of present day and possible future European food practices, projects and ideas, with practitioners, businesses, citizens, policy makers and others on both the local and European level.

With this, they wanted to use games as an open exploration of the future of food – what completely new types of futures can we imagine, explore, experiment with?

This led to a unique and fruitful collaborative effort by TRANSMANGO and JamToday, another EU project led by the HKU:  the TRANSMANGO Game Jam Tour.



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