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International conferences

Aniek Hebinck presented ‘Heterogeneity as a means to resilient urban food systems?‘ at the Agriculture 4 Development conference in Uppsala, Sweden, organised by SIANI and SLU.

Aniek Hebinck presented the paper ‘Processes of Participation in the Development of Urban Food Strategies: A Comparative Assessment of Exeter and Eindhoven’ at the IST2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gina Villarreal gave a talk “Unpacking Food Security” in the co-creation training of Waag Society. This training is a part of the project EU-funded project Big Picnic: engaging the public with Responsible Research and Innovation on Food Security. The training took place October 10 – 12 2016 in Hortus Botanicus Leiden for an audience of 50+ people from 17 European and one Ugandean project-partner organizations.

Silvasti, T. (2016). Food Charity or the Right to Food? Experiences – not only from Finland. Invited speaker at the workshop “Charity Economy: International Dimensions and Political Perspectives” in University of Bielefeld, Germany, 22 – 23 September.

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Galli, F., Arcuri, S., Vervoort, J., Bartolini, Brunori “Food assistance system in Tuscany: exploring vulnerability and resilience through scenario analysis”, ”The changing role of regulation in the bio-based economy”, 5th AIEAA Conference, Bologna, 16-17 June 2016.

Bartolini F., Brunori G., Colombo L., Vanni F. “Understanding the vulnerability of EU Food Nutrition Security under competition between food and energy land uses” poster presented at “The changing role of regulation in the bio-based economy”, 5th AIEAA Conference, Bologna, 16-17 June 2016.

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Silvasti, T. (2015). Invited speaker in the XXVI European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS) congress in Aberdeen, 18-21 August 2015. Parallel symposium “Food security – for whom?” With: Phil McMichael (on “Critical overview of the concept of food security”); Maria Fonte (on “The role of civic food networks”); and Tiina Silvasti (on “Food shortages at the household level”). Chaired by Geoff Lawrence.

Aniek Hebinck presented the Transmango project at the “Transformations2015” conference organised by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The presentation was titled “Exploring sustainable food provisioning practices – Reflections on the implications of food bank”. Stockholm, 7 October 2015.

Colombo, L. and Grando, S. (2016). The (contested) success of a bottom-up mobilisation. Access to public land and urban agriculture in the metropolitan area of Rome. Presented at Conference DEMOCRATIZING FOOD GOVERNANCE, Rome, 14 October 2016.

Grivins, M., Kunda, I., Tisenkopfs, T. (2016). “Competing school food agendas and green public food procurement”. 12th European IFSA Symposium, Harper Adams University, UK. Tuesday 12 – Friday 15 July 2016. Presentation paper. Available in: http://www.harper-adams.ac.uk/events/ifsa-conference/papers/5/5.9%20Grivins.pdf

Aniek Hebinck presented the Transmango project during a seminar at the Environmental Social Sciences department of Gothenburg University, Sweden. The seminar was titled “TRANSMANGO: Embracing and exploring local diversity in pathways to changing European food systems”. Gothenburg, 22 August 2016.


National conferences


Ville Tikka gave a presentation at the Annual Westermarck Society conference, Sosiologipäivät, which was hosted by the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Jyväskylä between 17.–18.3.2016. The presentation was part of a workshop entitled Living with material surplus (Aineellisen ylijäämän kanssa eläminen), coordinated by Jarno Valkonen from the University of Lapland. The presentation was titled From garbage to alms: problematizing the coupling of charity food aid and food waste (Jätteestä almuiksi: ruoka-avun ja ruokahävikin yhdistämisen ongelmasta). http://westermarck.fi/sosiologipaivat/in-english/


Francesca Galli, Sabrina Arcuri, Gianluca Brunori, “The practices of food assistance: a case study on Tuscany, Italy” XXIV Convegno SIEA, “Paesaggi Agroalimentari e sviluppo rurale”, Alghero, 6-8 Giugno 2016.

Francesca Galli, Aniek Hebinck, Sabrina Arcuri, Gianluca Brunori, Bridin Carrol, Deirde O Connor, Henk Oostindie. The food poverty challenge: comparing food assistance across EU countries. A Transformative Social Innovation perspective. Sidea annual congress “The future of agriculture between globalization and local markets. San Michele all’Adige e Bolzano dal 22 al 24 Settembre 2016.

Sabrina Arcuri, Francesca Galli, Gianluca Brunori “ Insights on food assistance provision in High Income Countries: a systematic literature review” Modelli di welfare e modelli di capitalismo. Le sfide per lo sviluppo socio-economico in Italia e in Europa, IX Conferenza ESPAnet Italia, Macerata (MC), 22-24 settembre 2016 (accepted abstract).


Grivins, M. (2016). Transmango project and reflections on food waste issues in Latvia. 16th of September, 2016. Riga. More information regarding the workshop can be found here: http://norden.lv/en/news/workshop-on-food-waste-management-in-municipalities-and-schools/

Grivins, M., Kunda, I. (2016). „Reconciliation of priorities: the contention of governance fields regulating school food procurement”, 74th conference of University of Latvia. Section “Social sciences”. “Jaunākie socioloģiskie pētījumi Latvijā”, 2016, 12th of February

Grīvinš, M. (2016). “Skolēnu ēdināšanas sistēma Latvijā: kādus ceļus iet?”.  (School catering in Latvia:  pathways for future). A presentation given to Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre consultants.