Food assistance towards food security: the first local workshop in Tuscany (Italy)

On the 1st of February 2016, the first (out of two) local workshop was organized in Florence (Italy). UNIPI team collaborated with Caritas, who is very active in food aid in Tuscany and aims at establishing an “Alliance for food”. The main goal of the workshops is to engage key players in exploring multiple plausible futures in order to test food assistance plans and strategies in a wide range of contexts.

The first workshop on “Food assistance towards food security” was held in Florence, by University of Pisa TRANSMANGO team in collaboration with Caritas[1], a key actor of charitable food assistance in Italy. In recent years of economic crisis, Caritas carried out many initiatives in response to the increased demand of food aid, both at national and local levels. This has been also the case in Tuscany, where we live and work, and where food insecurity is a consequence of poverty and inequality, not of scarcity of food. A complex network of flows of resources, actors and practices – which we consider as a “system of practices” – is facing new pressures and challenges, such as reorganization of European funds, increased awareness of food waste and surplus recovery and budget cuts to the welfare system.

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