Creating multiple possible local futures: a tool for change

On the 20th of January, 2016 the first out of two local workshop was organized in Leuven. The main goal of this workshop was to downscale the scenarios that had been produced in an earlier European workshop (read about that in this earlier post) to the Flemish context and identify the elements within these scenarios that are or might become relevant for Voedselteams.

Voedselteams are an alternative food network that builds on the engagement and cooperation of individuals and families. The food teams are consumer teams that consist of at least twelve households, that together organize their (local) food purchases and deliveries. Each member can order food according to his/her needs. The teams are supported by a central organization, that next to its social enterprise function also is registered as an official socio-cultural movement.
The workshop that was organized was the first one out of two. The main goal of these two workshops is to develop a resilient and robust transition pathway for Voedselteams so that they can play a stronger role in providing Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) in Flanders. Continue reading “Creating multiple possible local futures: a tool for change”